Kalei Kahookele – Paddler, World Sprint U19 champion, 2016 USA Kayak Olympic contender 

Kalei Kahookele, a world-class Hawai‘i waterman in his prime, states that the massage therapy provided by Arnaud Adam helps him to maximize his strength by relieving muscle tension that builds up during workouts and when preparing for races. At the age of 19, Kahookele has pushed his body beyond normal limits as a paddler and kayaker, becoming an Outrigger World Sprints champion in Canada and a USA Canoe/Kayak Sprints National Championship Silver Medalist (200 Meter Men’s Open) in Seattle in 2012. Kahookele is a Rio 2016 Summer Olympics hopeful.

Kahookele has been active in paddling since the age of nine and is currently a member of the Keahiakahoe Men’s Crew for which Adam serves as the team’s official massage therapist. Adam was honored to provide on-board massage to Kahookele and the rest of the crew members from the team’s escort boat while crossing the Ka‘iwi Channel during the 2012 Moloka‘i Hoe.

“Without Arnaud, it would have been a way different race,” said Kahookele. “To have massage therapy while crossing the channel really helped me a lot, relieving any pain and preventing me from cramping up during the whole time. It was a big help. Also, following workouts and races, Arnaud is able to focus on wherever I feel tension in my body, whether it is in my forearms, neck or head; helping my muscles to recover faster,” he added.  In kayaking, golfing, boxing or any other sport, Kahookele points out that it is important to keep muscles flexible and massage therapy is ideal for relieving muscle tightness and stress.


Dr Robert Gore, MD Obstetrics & Gynecology

Dr. Robert Gore, a retired gynecologist who practiced for more than 35 years in Tacoma, Washington, has been visiting Arnaud Adam for recurrent neck and shoulder pain, as well as inflammation of his ileotibial band. Many in the community know Dr. Gore and his wife, Kumu Brenda Mohalapua Ignacio, for the Lomi Lomi and Ho`oponopono healing work they do together in Hawai`i and around the world, including recently teaching in Moscow and Siberia.

The couple’s interest in the relationship between disease and negative emotions, such as bitterness and unforgiveness, results from their personal experience as high school sweethearts who were not allowed to date. Reunited at their 50th high school reunion, the pair is now married. Authentic Lomi Lomi is an interactive spiritual, physical, emotional and mental healing experience between the therapist and the client. Arnaud is attentive to all these areas. He has gifted hands and a loving, compassionate heart. I highly recommend Arnaud. His approach is not just about technique and symptoms, as he focuses on the individual and healing,” said Dr. Gore.


Gerry White – Training Manager

Gerry White, a local training manager and Kaneohe resident, is one of Adam’s clients since February 2012. He has found relief from a rare condition that involves his shoulders, muscles and nerves.  “Arnaud really has to work on me to provide relief through deep-tissue, full-body massages. As part of my Myofascial issue, my arms, shoulders and hands have been affected and I couldn’t sleep at night. The work Arnaud has done has alleviated that problem to where I can sleep again,” said White.